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Profile :-

“Interiors Globe” is a Mumbai Based company owned by Mr. Rajendra Rana, founded in 2012. Interiors Globe is a Manufacturer of Indian Wooden Furniture, Hospitality Furniture, Painted Furniture, Hotel, Shops & Restaurant furniture, Antique Reproduction Furniture, Recycled & Reclaimed Wood Furniture. Interiors Globe has become a name among Indian Furniture Manufacturers. Our customers are in all levels business and luxury that can afford very high quality home & commercial furniture in their limited budget.


Interiors Globe had existed since many years back as a Traditional Furniture Manufacturer but present existence began in 2012 with the concept of Modern & Classic Furniture...

The “INTERIORS GLOBE” is a rising organization in the field of Indian Wooden Furniture. We are one of the leading manufacturer of Indian wood furniture, Hospitality Furniture, Painted Furniture, Hotel, Shops & Restaurant furniture, Antique Reproduction Furniture, Recycled & Reclaimed Wood Furniture and many more…

We provide the best engineered designs with par accuracy of high standards and styles.

“ Being based in Mumbai has allowed us close contact with an enormous network of businesses that have developed to provide the row materials and resources needed to run a successful furniture business. Our workers are artisan building well crafted pieces that last generation. We need to continue to build the reputation of the furniture industry. With furniture you can create your own personal statement which reflects who you are. This is very important in todays cultural lifestyle. It doed take skilled workers to create a upholstered furniture and we must continue to nourish the young folks growing up in our community to educate them on all the possibilities within the furniture industry. Founder – Rajendra Rana ”


• Interiors Globe takes turnkey of all interior Furniture work like Residential, Commercial, Clinics, Corporate Offices, Retail Showrooms, Restaurants, Hospitality, Resorts, Holidays Homes and Exhibitions Spaces etc.

• We make furniture of interiors with the same care and understanding of representation as design itself.

• Our services in this area are particular and specialized


We are a team of extremely adept designers, professionals, technicians, and artisans, operating increasingly towards making an enduring piece of furniture, with preciseness and care. We foster curiosity, creativity, and openness at every level in our organization. We adopt a 360-degree approach for innovation, engaging all areas of our business to inspire creativity and learning. We believe in maintaining a workplace that is conducive to growth and well-being. The management promotes a healthy work & living way and to support this read. Our family of INTERIORS GLOBE has been a part of the Mumbai & Thane since the last Eight years

Our Mission:-

• “INTERIORS GLOBE” aims at providing the best quality product at the reasonable price with full satisfaction.

• Time is what makes us big, and time is what can make us small, we respect time, so being on time is our main motto.

• Additionally we aim at providing every possible facility to the customer.

• No competitor can match the way we turn a drawback into a feature.

• Our target market is person who wants to have very fine n modern furniture with the latest in technology combined with an old fashioned sense of fine woods & fine woodworking. These person can be the corporate towers, small or medium business or in a home or office from high to middle class family.

• In our particular market we also seek a good architectures who appreciates two attributes : - 1) The quality of furniture workmanship and 2) The excellence of design with an understanding of modern furniture Technology and ergonomics built in.

• In 2020 we will introduce many attractive furniture with modern n classic design with different configuration to assume easy access and better use of the limited space

• We understand that our target market needs more than just Indian wood furniture, Hospitality Furniture, Painted Furniture, Hotel, Shops & Restaurant furniture, Antique Reproduction Furniture, Recycled & Reclaimed Wood Furniture.

• We focus on special kinds of customers, a person who wants very high quality furniture customised to work beautifully with modern technology

Our Strength:-

• Having the parental firm as INTERIORS GLOBE, we have years of experience in the field of furniture manufacturing.

• We have Best working staff with proficient skill in the designing, manufacturing, finishing, of the products.

• Efficient and dedicated workmanship.

• Quality is our Identity.

• Best quality and unique design of products are made with full customer support.


Our entire business philosophy engineered on the muse of innovating at each step so as to form a product that superior and property.

Our vertically integrated piece of furniture powerhouse adopts a 360-degree approach for innovation, partaking all areas of our business to inspire creative thinking and learning. This philosophy is strong by state-of-the-art infrastructure, intelligent planning, a highly competent and skilled workforce, and progressive work culture.

Interiors Globe`s Pillars


Rajendra Rana

Founder & Managing Director


Rajiv Rohit

Financial Adviser

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Rishi Mandial

Creative Adviser

Ravi Jaiswal

3D Designer


Asha Kumari


Navin Rana


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interiors globe is constantly looking forward to employ Workers by providing work to them. if you are a carpenter, plumber, electrician, painter, etc. in the fields of interior work you can join us....!!1